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Skald In Veum


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There is little information floating about the vast compendiums of metal scattered around the internet about Scandinavian black metallers, Skald in Veum—and even less that is known to be true. However much mystery surrounds Skald In Veum is multiplied tenfold by their burning passion for fierce, grinding, dissonant black metal.  Skald In Veum paint a musical picture that has all the relentless frozen sting of a northern Swedish winter, yet ablaze with the truest and most ferocious passion for vehement black metal from any corner of the world.Skald In Veum are a dark and driving force with one mission:  a violent and visceral baptism by way of complete immersion in brutalizing black metal.  Tracing back the enigma that is Skald In Veum is a daunting task, beginning with a mention of the band (known then as Skald) in the credits of 1998’s Eternal Emperor EP by black metal kings Crimson Moonlight.  Aside from acknowledgment of the band’s existence, little more information exists to serve as proof of Skald’s early years, other than a demo that was quickly lost the following year.  After 1999, Skald entered hibernation until the slumbering Scandinavian juggernaut awoke briefly in 2007 to revive the weakening pulse of their local metal scene; then once again returned to slumber.  Fast forward to 2013, Skald In Veum became known as they exist now (In Veum) referring to a holy place and are poised to dominate the faith-driven, furiously dense black metal scene with their addition to Rottweiler Record’s roster.  Skald In Veum exists for a simple purpose: baptism of the masses by intense and relentless metal, cutting through the hordes of the less-than-Holy with a keenly honed metallic blade forged in the frostiest and most barren winters Earth has to offer, yet ablaze with unbridled passion and unrelenting energy.

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