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GODIA (CAPITALIZED) is a Progressive Metalcore band from Chennai, India. Since its formation in 2014, GODIA has grown into one of the well-known bands in the country. The name, GODIA (Pronounced as God-Ee-Yah) is a pseudoword which is inspired by the term “GOD In All things”


GODIA is heavily influenced by Metalcore bands like August Burns Red, As I Lay Dying, Bring Me The Horizon and Progressive/Djent bands like Periphery, Tesseract, Textures & Meshuggah.


Musically, GODIA’s music has a Metalcore undertone but has influences from Djent, Deathcore, Groove Metal & Post Hardcore. Lyrically, GODIA explores Depression, Positivity, New-wave alternative & Betrayal among many other themes.


GODIA’s Debut album, End of Ages, will be announced shortly. Being a concept album, the band portrays the story of the Final 7 years of the Earth before the Judgement day from the perspective/visions of a single man.


GODIA is Nehemiah Johnson (Vocals), Tom Gabriel (Drums), Joshua (Bass), Isaiah Anderson (Guitars).

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