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Hailing from Dallas, TX, Diatheke is an up-and-coming progressive melo-death act consisting of founder and primary composer John Wesley (Bass, Vocals), his brother Michael Osborn (Drums, Vocals), long-time friend Dallas McNeely (Guitars) and Peter Watson (Lead Vocals) as the newest and final piece to the line-up. Releasing 3 singles independently along with a cinematic reprise spanning from the years 2018-2021, Diatheke has stirred some attention for themselves in the underground as they became known for expansive, musical journeys that take anywhere from 8 and a half to 13 minutes to convey. Their self-titled LP release (Oct 2021 via The Charon Collective) features all of their independent work up to this point with the tracks Splendour (June 2021), Bereavement (January 2018), Magnify (May 2020) and Day and Night (Magnify reprise, July 2020). With definite plans to release their debut album in 2023 through Rottweiler Records, Diatheke has been working tirelessly to bring pristine, modern progressive metal that fuses many different sub-genres and influences. To introduce their new vocalist Peter Watson, also founder and composer for Elephant Watchtower, Diatheke released an Extol cover in May of 2022. Take a listen here.
Diatheke is very grateful and proud to be part of the pack at Rottweiler Records and is hoping to attract new listeners with their label debut in 2023.

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