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From eastern front of the world, on the southernmost tip of Asia (Malaysia), on the edge of the equator hails, Shamash, advocates and servants of the Most High. The band was forged as a union between Andre, Alexaander and Darren. Shamash is a juggernaut, hidden in the shadows. With three decades of Metal experience tucked under their belt, Andre being a member of Asia’s pioneering Christ-centred death metal outfit, Necromanicide (3 decades ago) and the remaining band being remnants from Army of Three (2 decades ago)… make no mistake. This band is a veteran.

Heavy, Intense, Melodic and peppered with chorals of death. Shamash tastefully marries your average Gregorian choir with the workings and onslaught of a Death Metal /Grindcore band. Frankenstein would be proud. Step aside and let the metal monks in. Genre ambiguous and heavy, there are no limits musically. The band will insist that the message of the songs weigh as heavily as its music.

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