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Decayed Existence


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Formed in 1991, Decayed Existence draws influence chiefly from their old-school death metal contemporaries: Death, Chuck Shuldinder, Sepultra and Kreator, but with a twist of originality and flair for the extreme that comes only from nearly three decades of experience. Decayed Existence would remain a staple in Shasta County’s metal scene for years to come, although the mid-90s would prove a crucial time and turning point in the band’s message and music. Founding member and percussionist, Harry Rocco decided to put the band on hold and focus on himself, developing his Christian faith and discovering a love and passion for spreading the Word and love of God—which became a new center for the message of Decayed Existence. 1997 saw the band release their first religious release, In Due Time, which was quickly followed by Violent by Design, serving as Decayed Existence’s final release with that line-up before other members moved on to other projects. Refusing to be dissuaded, Rocco moved back to Shasta County several years later and Decayed Existence was reborn in the mid 2000s. Releasing several albums (Age of Intolerance and Depopulation, along with several EPs and more albums in years to follow), Decayed Existence proved popular conception false, growing with each passing year instead of succumbing to death and decay. Simultaneously staying true to a Christian message without sacrificing brutality and aggression, Decayed Existence have been known for bringing crushing heaviness to California with jaw-dropping live performances and sinister, stunning studio albums for longer than many of their metalhead following have been alive.

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